Reboot The Earth FAQ

Reboot The Earth is a social coding event that brings young computer programmers, scientists and other interested people together under the auspices of the United Nations to improve upon or build a new software program that addresses the current climate crisis.

Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges of our times. Today’s Youth population is faced with a future that is threatened by the impacts of climate change, however, they also present an extraordinary opportunity for urgent action as agents of change and creators of innovative climate solutions. Through a series of hackathons in four continents, young people, including students will be presented with the opportunity to use open data and apply tech concepts and practices to solve climate crisis, depending on the community needs and location, the hackathons can focus on a platform such as mobile apps, a desktop operating system, web development or video game development.

The United Nations recognizes the need for urgent and ambitious climate action, and in September 2019 the Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, will convene a Climate Summit to increase momentum for action for the Paris Agreement. The Summit will focus on the root causes of climate change – the sectors that create the most emissions and the areas where building resilience could make the biggest difference – and will provide leaders and partners the opportunity to demonstrate real climate action and showcase their ambition.

The Grand Prize is an Award that will be presented to the winner at the Earth Award Ceremony on September 21, 2019, at the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019. Representative from the winning teams from all the challenge locations outside New York, will be flown to New York City, USA to join the Summit. The winning solution has an opportunity to be incubated in one of the global UN Technology Innovation Labs. Final solutions will stand a chance to be showcased at the World Economic Forum at Davos in January 2020.

To empower young people to uncover new ideas, and accelerate new solutions for climate action and to to drive a broader climate action movement that is open, participatory and peer-driven, producing authentic solutions with impact.

Participants will use a well-structured taxonomy of challenges, and using available and open source data will engage in a human-centered design and strategic problem-solving process. With assistance from mentors who coach participants towards the development of a final product or idea before it is presented to a panel of judges.

The ideas, tools and proposals submitted through this Climate Challenge Hackathon will be carefully researched and selected by a diverse jury of reviewers. The selected ideas and tools as well as the key individuals and organizations who originated the ideas and contributed to their implementation in each phase of the challenge will be featured at United Nations Climate Change Youth Summit and websites.

There will be 2 different types of mentoring available.
I. Technical Mentoring: answering any IT-related questions you may have
II. Substantive Mentoring: provision of advice related to the actual hackathon challenges

During the month of July. Stay Tuned!

Via a platform called Unite Ideas.

You are more than welcome to participate in #RebootTheEarth at any of these locations: I. New York, USA
II. Espoo, Finland (UNTIL Finland)
III. Cairo, Egypt (Until Egypt)
IV. Gurugram, India (UNTIL India)
V. Cyberjaya, Malaysia (UNTIL Malaysia)

No, food and drinks will be provided. You will receive a survey for dietary restrictions before the event.

You should bring your own computer. Access to Wi-Fi will be provided.

You will receive an email from us informing you that you have been selected. This email will also contain information about the date, time, duration and other important and relevant details.

Are you able to code your way to save the planet? At least one team member should be able to have sufficient coding skills to be able to build a new software program that addresses the current climate crisis.

Any more questions? Please submit your question here .