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27 Dec 2019
Tarent- Happy Children, Happy Classrooms
Tarent- Happy Children, Happy Classrooms

Tarent is an online app that seeks to engage students through gamification of their classrooms by creating classroom avatars. Tarent encourages student participation by turning the class into a digital sports game where the students compete to win the game by attaining maximum points(or XP). Unlike most education apps that gamify courses, Tarent gamifies the classroom and everything associated with it.

Teachers, Students and parents are connected through the application and every student is assigned a unique Avatar/Character within the app. Tarent focuses on development of social skills, values and behaviours rather than marks and syllabus. Tarent aims to make EQ(emotional quotient) more valuable than IQ(intelligence quotient). 

  • Using Tarent's 2-Tap system each teacher can give a +1 point (or XP) for good behaviour or some predefined positive traits(like Sharing, Helping, Submitting Assignments on Time) or the teachers can also define their own sets of values and traits.
  • Similarly, the teacher can also deduct one point (or -1 XP) for behaviour that NEEDS WORK. This awarding/deducting of points is done in just 2-Taps and takes only a maximum of 5 seconds
  • To encourage social interaction and team workthe students are divided into TEAMS OF 5 and the students compete with fellow classmates in teams. If any student's total XP goes below 0, every student in the team is given some sort of disadvantage wherein either they have to submit their assignment before the rest of the class or they have to come to the stage and do a performance/speech of some sort.  
  • However if a TEAM reaches a certain milestone (for example reaching 20 XP), they are given a digital QUALITY BADGE and each badge has some advantage or a power that students genuinely want like relaxation in the deadlines to submit assignments, an extra free period or even an hint during a test.
  • These badges are named after PROMINENT FEMALE FIGURES from various walks of lives (Jane Austen, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Amelia Earhart ) and the powers associated with these badges is closely linked to the work of these women. This is done to highlight the power, dedication and capabilities of women.
  • Dividing students into teams encourages students to motivate each other within a team and also improves offline social interaction and teaches them the importance of team-work and team spirit.
  • Tarent also has a FORUM, called BFF, where students going through any issues, academic or personal, can post their queries ANONYMOUSLY and these queries can be answered by other students, teachers or parents.
  • To support young girls facing any kind of issues or problems the forum also has a separate platform for young girls to share their issues ,anonymously, that can be answered by other women and this forum really behaves much like a best friend would, helping students out with any problems they might face.
  • Tarent also has a chat section, an event planner for school eventsonline photo sharing for events, online quizzes and assignments and all these are linked to the students' online avatars.

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