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UNTIL is garnering essential legal and technical knowledge exchange through an Open Source (OS) and Intellectual Property (IP) Advisory Group.

The group is mandated to provide lean mechanisms and maintain a framework that enables UNTIL to foster “sharable” technologies and catalyze the co-creation of digital solutions. This encourages non-traditional partnerships from across the ecosystem and enables innovative solutions to reach global users and beneficiaries.

The UNTIL OS and IP Advisory Group is an important instrument convening renown experts in the legal and technology innovation fields to ensure the most effective, transparent and inclusive work to address legal issues and propose legal frameworks for UNTIL to engage with relevant stakeholders in co-creating, co-developing and open/close-sourcing relevant technology solutions.

Roles and Responsibilities

The UNTIL OS and IP Advisory Group is responsible for:

1.Establishing the OS and IP framework for the following cases:

    a. Technology solutions donated to the UN for sharing with Member States

    b. Technology solutions developed by the UN for sharing with Member States    

    c. Technology solutions co-developed by UNTIL with by Private Sector actors/startups/NGOs for sharing with Member States    

    d. Proprietary technology solutions promoted for use with Member States

2. Engaging global communities and/or organization(s) maintaining licensing standards

3. Assigning appropriate licensing frameworks/models to each identified UNTIL use cases

4. Defining requirements and resources required to adopt and maintain UNTIL licensing frameworks/models offerings

The proposed UNTIL licensing frameworks/models for identified use cases should:

1. Enable technology solutions sharing and transfer to and among Member States

2. Enable sharing technology solutions with the wider UNTIL ecosystems and the general public

3. Enable cooperation between the UN and relevant partners in utilizing UNTIL technology (possibly through service level agreement-based fee structures paid by users of the technology solution)

4. Enable the promotion of proprietary technology solutions that are incubated in the labs through UNTIL assistance towards start-ups and commercial organizations

5. Enable engagement with the Academia and the research world

OS & IP Advisory Group

Ms. Amanda Brock

MS. Amanda Brock

CEO, OpenUK and European Rep, Open Invention Network (Chair)
Mr. Mirko Boehm

MR. Mirko Boehm

Director Linux System Definiton, Open Invention Network

MR. Shane Coughlan

OpenChain General Manager at The Linux Foundation
Ms. Isabel Drost-Fromm

MS. Isabel Drost-Fromm

Member Apache Software Foundation
Ms. Ali Fenn

MS. Ali Fenn

Chief Innovation Officer at ITRenew
Mr. Frank Karlitscheck

MR. Frank Karlitscheck

CEO NextCloud
Mr. Andrew Katz

MR. Andrew Katz

Partner and Head if IP, Moorcrofts LLP
Ms. Sachiko Muto

MS. Sachiko Muto

CEO, Open Forum Europe
Mr. Carlo Piana

MR. Carlo Piana

Founder and Partner, Array Law
MR. GLENN Svensson

MR. Glenn Svensson

VP Innovation, SAP