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Advisory Board

UNTIL labs are established with strong governance through the strategic expert guidance of advisory panels.

Each Lab convenes an Advisory Panel of distinguished members from across the ecosystem to meet during early months of the inception phase, and regularly thereafter. A standard Terms of Reference is adopted that governs the Advisory Panel’s operations under the chairmanship of the Member State and the UN.

The Panel meets to hear reports on current plans and priorities, and key challenges with regards to policy, partnership and management. The Advisory Panel provides strategic guidance and helps ensure that UNTIL lab remains true to its mission.

The UNTIL Advisory Panels are responsible for:

1. Advising on general strategy directions to achieve lab overall objectives;

2. Advising on innovation solutions and publications as well as other outputs;

3. Providing feedback on specific concepts, ideas and proposals (including polices, training, processes, etc.);

4. Acting as ambassador on behalf of lab by attending key events and networking opportunities with key players/audiences;

5. Supporting the UNTIL programme in its impact generating activities – offering advice on the development of the communication plans;

6. Supporting lab in the dissemination of its innovation outputs to key audiences and potential users of the solutions, offering pathways into user groups;

7. Advising on potential sources of funding;

8. Receiving and endorsing the lab Annual Report.

In support of the Advisory Panel, each UNTIL lab also leverages the work and expertise of the Thematic Advisory Groups providing Thematic Area Managers with overall strategic guidance and review/endorsement of the results of the activities related to the establishment of technology innovation solutions.

Finland Advisory Panel

Ms. Atefeh Riazi

MS. Atefeh Riazi

Assistant Secretary-General & Chief Information Technology Officer at United Nations
Mr. Jarmo Sareva

MR. Jarmo Sareva

Ambassador for Innovation, MFA Finland
Mr. Salem Avan

MR. Salem Avan

Director, Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT), United Nations – Alternate Co-Chair
Mr. Maurizio Gazzola

MR. Maurizio Maria Gazzola

Chief, Strategic Solutions and Head of the Global UN Technology Innovation Labs Programme at the Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT), United Nations
Mr. Nathan Mark Bostock

MR. Nathan Mark Bostock

Chief Executive Officer of Santander UK
 Mr. Janne Laine

MR. Janne Laine

Vice President Innovation, Aalto University
Ms. Annika Launiala

MS. Annika Launiala

Senior Adviser - Innovations and Digital Development at Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Ms. Sirkku Linna

MS. Sirkku Linna

Development Director at Aalto University
Juha-Erkki Mäntyniemi

MR. Juha-Erkki Mäntyniemi

Executive Director at Fingo - Finnish development NGOs
Ms. Outi Niemi

MS. Outi Niemi

Director Operations Management at Nokia, Helsinki Area, Finland
Mr. Christopher Palmberg

MR. Christopher Palmberg

Programme Manager, Business Finland
Ms. Leena Pentikäinen

MS. Leena Pentikäinen

Ministerial Adviser at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland)
Ms. Kriti Sharma

MS. Kriti Sharma

AI and Data | Forbes 30 under 30 | Adviser, UN | Speaker @TED ,London, United Kingdom
Mr. Parham A. Vasaiely

MR. Parham A. Vasaiely

Business Unit Director Autonomous Driving OEM Programs at Aptiv, Advisory Board Member UN Technology and Innovation

Malaysia Advisory Panel

Mr. Stefan Priesner

MR. Stefan Priesner

United Nations Resident Coordinator for Malaysia
YB Syed Saddiq

YB Syed Saddiq

Minister of Youth & Sports, Malaysia
Ms. Surina Shukri

MS. Surina Shukri

CEO, Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
Mr. Maurizio Gazzola

MR. Maurizio Maria Gazzola

Chief, Strategic Solutions and Head of the Global UN Technology Innovation Labs Programme at the Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT), United Nations
Mahadhir Aziz

MR. Mahadhir Aziz

Acting CEO of Futurise
Ms. Dzuleira Abu Bakar

MS. Dzuleira Abu Bakar

Ms. Shahira Ahmed Bazari

MS. Shahira Ahmed Bazari

Managing Director of Yayasan Hasanah
Mr. Evan Cheah

MR. Evan Cheah

Executive Vice President of Sunway Group
Dato’ Sri Idris Jala

Dato’ Sri Idris Jala

President & CEO of PEMANDU Associates
Aireen Omar

MS. Aireen Omar

Deputy Group CEO of AirAsia Group