UNTIL Governance

Advisory Panels and Thematic Advisory Groups

To establish strong governance around the activities of UNTIL labs, the UNTIL programme is set to work through the UNTIL Advisory Panels - one for each lab - with the goal to provide strategic guidance to the activities undertaken. 

The UNTIL Advisory Panel meets during the the early months of the inception phase for the establishment of the lab and regularly thereafter. The UNTIL Advisory Panel enjoys membership of all eco-system partners with the government and the UN sharing the chairmanship role. A standard Terms of Reference is adopted and this governs the Advisory Panel operations.

In support of the Advisory Panel, each UNTIL lab also leverages the work and expertise of the Thematic Advisory Groups providing Thematic Area Managers with overall strategic guidance and review/endorsement of the results of the activities related to the establishment of technology innovation solutions.

Advisory Group on Open source and Intellectual Property

UNTIL also leverages legal and governance expertise through the Open Source and Intellectual Property Advisory Group with the goal to maintain a framework for engagement with private sector and start-ups in co-creating digital solutions and ground their licensing and IP models in concrete use cases stemming from the work of the UNTIL network of laboratories.
This OS & IP Advisory Group is set to provide a lean mechanisms to work with private sector actors and leverage public/private partnerships in the establishment of solutions that can be then shared with global user target audiences.