"Understanding global mega-trends is crucial. We live in times of multiple, evolving and mutually-reinforcing shifts. These dynamics, of geopolitical, demographic, climatic, technological, social and economic nature, enhance threats and opportunities on an unprecedented scale."

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Vision Statement 


28 August 2019
BANDAR SUNWAY, PETALING JAYA, 16 August 2019 – Malaysian Youth & Sports Minister Y.B. Syed Saddiq today launched the Global... read more
28 August 2019
New Delhi, 14 August 2019 – This week, around 53 teams of young digital innovators from various parts of the country are participating... read more
28 August 2019
Smart Village - Cairo, Egypt. Following a passionately competitive weekend of programing, learning, and innovating, team ‘Coders... read more
16 August 2019
These days, increasingly, decisions relating to crime and justice are being influenced or informed by machines and... read more
19 July 2019
Espoo, Finland – The Open Source and Intellectual Property Advisory Group of the United Nations Technology Labs (UNTIL) programme... read more
09 July 2019
The technical nature of international development work means that to get ahead there is a pressure to specialize. Many staff become... read more
28 June 2019
The international security environment has changed dramatically since UN Peacekeeping was created in 1948 with the internanational... read more
28 June 2019
Cannes – A conference of marketing and public relations companies resulted in a commitment by the creative industry to work through... read more
24 June 2019
New York, USA – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been reached between the UN Office of Communication and Information... read more
11 June 2019
Helsinki, Finland -- Taking note of progress so far and previewing what's to come, UNTIL's Advisory Board met in late April at the Lab... read more


19 September 2019
The UNTIL Finland Lab is pleased to invite you to a discussion on the state of health innovation for emergencies and epidemics and how... read more
10 September 2019 to 11 September 2019
UNTIL India is participating in the first edition of the Innovation Summit & Exhibition which is being organized on 10 – 11... read more
07 September 2019
On the occasion of International Literacy Day (8th September), UNTIL in India recognizes that literacy is a driver for sustainable and... read more
04 September 2019
Science meets entrepreneurship meets social progress. Join us for a presentation and discussion on how progress driven startups can... read more
01 July 2019 to 21 September 2019
Reboot The Earth is planned as a social coding event that brings young computer programmers, scientists and other interested people... read more
06 June 2019
Join us Thursday, June 6. at the UNTIL Finland co-working space for the screening of a short movie followed by a discussion with... read more
05 June 2019
UNTIL is proud to particiapte at an event hosted by VTT to be held in at the VTT Bioruukki Pilot Center in Espoo. The event will... read more
25 May 2019
UNTIL Finland is honored to be a participant at this year's Helsinki Global Village Festival. The annual festival brings together the... read more
22 May 2019
Join us May 22 at UNTIL Finland's office in Espoo for a conversation moderated by Maria Mekri, Executive Director of the peace and... read more


Reboot The Earth is planned as a social coding event that brings young computer programmers, scientists and other interested people together under the auspices of the United Nations to improve upon or build a new software program that address the current climate crisis.


TechNovation Talks: What are they and Why?

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The "Summer Of Solutions" is a call for applications from young people around the world to create innovative technology-based solutions to global challenges. This is a new initiative launched by the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, in partnership with the United Nations Technology and Innovation Labs, United Nations Development Programme, the Office of Information and Communications Technology and Unite Ideas.